A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Agora...


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Author  R. Drew Griffith
Publisher  Legacy Books Press
Publication Date   November 5, 2007
ISBN  0978465202
Pages  244

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Ancient Greece and Rome aren't usually remembered for their sense of humour. However, in reality the ancient Greeks and Romans often refused to take themselves seriously. Strange and outlandish activities abounded - including somebody accidentally exposing himself while dancing sideways at his wedding (those wearing bed sheets didn't wear underwear) and a group of drunk young men thinking their house is sinking at sea, and tossing all their furniture out the windows. R. Drew Griffith and Robert B. Marks take you on a lively and funny journey through the more bizarre activities of the ancient world, ranging everywhere from moochers to quacks to shrews to willing suckers, and even revealing the most terrible thing you can do to anybody involving a radish.

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