From Ishtar to Aphrodite

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Publisher  Hellenic Museums Shop
Publication Date   September 24, 2017
ISBN  0977659887
Pages  146

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In Greek mythology, Cyprus is considered the birthplace of Aphrodite. Tracing an Eastern symbol in the origins of Aphrodite, so quintessentially Greek, symbolizes Cyprus' role as the easternmost bastion of Hellenism and the island's ability to assimilate the numerous cultural influences to which it was exposed over the centuries. From Ishtar to Aphrodite: 3200 Years of Cypriot Hellenism, includes commentary and color illustration of the 85 works included in the exhibition - including sculptures and artifacts of household objects, in terracotta, copper, and marble - as well as enlightening essays on themes such as the importance of Cyprus in Mediterranean trading routes, ashlar architecture and tomb finds that provide a vivid glimpse into the sophistication of societies in Bronze Age Cyprus, as well as the importance of Cyprus in the Ptolemaic period. The objects presented in this catalogue are the material remains of the ongoing interaction between native genius and foreign influence that characterizes Cyprus.

Contributors to the exhibition catalogue include in addition to the editor, Dr. Jennifer Webb, Research Fellow. Department of Archaeology La Trobe University Melbourne, Australia; Ms. Alison South, Director. Ayios Dimitrios Excavations; Dr. Maria Iacovou, Associate Professor of Archaeology, Department of History and Archaeology, University of Cyprus; Dr. Antoine Hermary, Centre Camille Julian dArchéologie Mediterranéenne et Africaine. Université de Provence-CNRS, France; and Dr. Aristodemos Anastassiades, Cultural Officer, Ministry of Education and Culture, Cyprus.

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