The Emergence of Civilisation (Book published February 1, 2011


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Author  Colin Renfrew
Publisher  Oxbow Books
Publication Date   February 1, 2011
ISBN  0977409473
Pages  650

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Unavailable for too long, this new edition reprints the original text of Renfrew's groundbreaking study, supplemented with a new introduction by the author and a foreword by John Cherry, in order to make this landmark publication available once again.

Table of Contents

Foreword by John Cherry

Introduction to the 2009 Edition Civilisation
The Explanation of Culture Change
The Multiplier Effect
The Minoan-Mycenean Civilisation and its Origins

Part I - Culture Sequence: The Neolithic Background
Crete in the Third Millennium BC
Mainland Greece in the Third Millennium BC
The Eastern Aegean in the Third Millennium BC
The Early Cycladic Culture Sequence
The Grotta-Pelos Culture; The Keros-Syros Culture
The Phylakopi I Culture; Aegean Interrelations and Chronology in the Third Millennium BC

Part II - Culture Process: Patterns of Settlement and Population in the Prehistoric Aegean
Natural Environment and the Subsistence Subsystem
The Development of Aegean Metallurgy
Craft Specialisation and the Transformation of the Physical Environment
Social Systems
Symbolic and Projective Sysems
Trade, Communication and Innovation
The Multiplier Effect in Action

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