Historical Headgear, Hats, and Helmets...


Historical Headgear, Hats, and Helmets Where History Meets Duct Tape (The Ancients)

Book Details

Author  Jean Lockwood; Thomas Lockwood
Publisher  Lockware
Publication Date   March 20, 2019
ISBN  0977229106
Pages  117


Historical Headgear, Hats, and Helmets was written to not only provide interesting craft ideas for kids, but to also supplement and enhance the study of ancient history. Each of the 14 hats that are presented includes a brief write-up that provides some interesting details about the hat and the people that wore it. Each hat comes with detailed step-by-step, fully illustrated instructions on how to make the hat using both construction paper and duct tape. The book also includes all the full-sized templates and patterns that will be needed to make the hats. All the reader has to do is make copies of the patterns on 11" x 17" paper and they can reuse them over and over again.

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