Atlantis, The Lost Continent Finally Found...


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Author  Prof. Arysio Santos
Publisher  Atlantis Publications
Publication Date   August 1, 2005
ISBN  0976955008
Pages  365

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Thousands of books have already been written on Atlantis since its reality was first disclosed by the great philosopher Plato, some two and a half millennia ago. Hence, one may well wonder whether a new book on the subject is really needed. Can anything new actually be said about Atlantis? The answer is a most categorical yes. After all, the riddle of Atlantis has never been satisfactorily solved so far. The present book is an attempt by a reputed scientist, to scientifically compare and refute, perhaps for the first time ever, the various existing theories on Atlantis' location and reality. The author also expounds his own theory which definitively locates Atlantis in Indonesia. In his research, Prof. Santos marries the most recent results and techniques of Modern Science to the sacred and folk lore of all the peoples of the world, knitting humanity together in a solution to the riddle of Atlantis that neatly ties together the vast scientific and traditional evidence which was always there but never before seen by other researchers. The reader, whether a scientist with an open mind or a lay person, is led to conclude that Plato could well have been telling the truth, after all, since the information provided by the great philosopher is so uncannily confirmed by the recent scientific finds of all sorts.

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