A Journey into the Spiritual Quest of Who...

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Author  Michael J. Kiser
Publisher  In Search Of The Universal Truth
Publication Date   April 1, 2005
ISBN  0976783223
Pages  284

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Within this second Book you'll learn about the true beginning of how life began, well at least a story that is very rarely know and how these Star Beings took on the roles of making themselves GODS. You will also see how these Star Beings created the religions, to control the masses as they conquered these planets as they travel to. As Kiazer continues down this path of unlocking the Secrets of those Ancients beings of the past and as you travel with Kiazer, you'll see these Star Beings of the past, are not GODS, and that there are no GODS, but they are beings like us ever evolving to the next step of evolution and that there is no GODS other than ourselves. You'll also learn that these GODS are no longer among us... But there are Star Beings of the next generation, among us that is trying to fix, what some of their ancestors had created. At the same time you'll learn, Who You Really Are, which some of these so-called GODS didn't want you to know, who you are? They wanted to keep it away from you...

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