Berkshire Encyclopedia Of World History

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Author  Jerry Bentley
Publisher  Berkshire Publishing Group
Publication Date   January 30, 2005
ISBN  0974309109
Pages  2220

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The "Berkshire Encyclopedia of World History" is the first true encyclopedic reference on world history. It is designed to meet the needs of students, teachers, and scholars who seek to explore and understand the panorama of our shared human history. The encyclopedia takes a dynamic world history perspective, showing connections, interactions, and chage over time and place. Major articles by leading scholars from around the world examine essential themes and patterns such as Art, Disease, Government, Religion, Science, and War and Peace, with hundreds of articles on processes, movements, places, events, and people. Students and teachers at the high school and college levels turn to this definitive work for a connected view of world history--the story of humans and their place in the universe.

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