Swords at Sunset

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Author  Michael Bradley
Publisher  Manor House Publishing Inc.
Publication Date   October 30, 2005
ISBN  0973647744
Pages  240

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Swords at Sunset is the final book in Michael Bradley's bestselling trilogy on Holy Grail adventures in North America from 1398 to 1571, completing the saga related in Holy Grail Across the Atlantic and Grail Knights of North America (the author's research skills were also put to good use in the movie The Da Vinci Code). In Swords at Sunset, Bradley draws on evidence from The Book of Mormon, plus newly discovered artefacts from Lake Memphremagog and the Niagara region. Bradley offers a convincing argument that communities of Grail refugees - who had fled the Inquisition in Europe - were established in Niagara and Vermont before being defeated by Native tribes in 1571. Swords at Sunset also examines the origins of man and the concept of the Holy Grail, offering a new and different perspective of the Western religious history that has shaped so much of the entire world's history. Swords at Sunset presents a thought-provoking interpretation that will astonish and intrigue.

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