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Author  R. L. Worthy
Publisher  KornerStone Books
Publication Date   January 1, 2008
ISBN  0972762779
Pages  248

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This is a book about the empowerment of your life through energy-physical and spiritual. Electromagnetic energy is radiating within every cell of your body. Therefore, the quality of your health and experience in this dimension are contingent upon the energies you command, or fail to command, in your life! Energy waves have been used to eliminate the cause of many of the ailments we suffer. For example, did you know that a way has been discovered to immobilize HIV in humans? Well, it has! Let me repeat that: A way to stop HIV from ravaging the human body has been discovered! Further, because real life is not a fractional proposition, YHSVH delves into the energy of words, sound, resonance, and spirituality. No less important, many truths have also been imparted through quotes, diagrams, ancient art, and its endnotes for those who value wisdom . . . If you are ready to put down fake solutions to fake problems whose only purpose is to preserve a fake world-You'll want to read this book!

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