Out of the Labyrinth

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Author  Carl Frankel
Publisher  Monkfish Book Publishing
Publication Date   January 1, 2004
ISBN  0972635769
Pages  256

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". . . blends story and philosophy into a dazzling concoction that offers powerful guidance to us all. It offers brilliant insights into personal, cultural, and national realities and possibilities. Fascinating!"—Thom Hartmann, author, The Last Hours of Ancient Sunlight

"Frankel tells a compelling story in a compelling way. His is a voice that must be heard and, thankfully, it’s a lyrical voice that is sheer pleasure to read."—Marjorie Kelly, author, The Divine Right of Capital

Combines a personal narrative, visionary framework, and cultural criticism into a story about where we have gone wrong as a culture and what we must do—and become—to set things right again.

Carl Frankel is the author of In Earth’s Company: Business, Environment and the Challenge of Sustainability.

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