Solving the Exodus Mystery, Vol. 1

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Author  Ted T. Stewart
Publication Date   September 16, 2002
ISBN  097186800X
Pages  428

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For centuries scholars have searched in vain to identify in Babylonian and Egyptian documents the true Kings and Pharaohs of Abraham, Joseph, Moses & the Exodus. The search, rather than increasing faith in Biblical history, has created skepticism and unbelief. Ted Stewart has researched the ancient documents of Babylon and Egypt, plus the astronomical and carbon-14 dates of their kings and Pharaohs. His research uncovered a total of 436 evidences and synchronisms that confirm Biblical history. These remarkable historical and scientific evidences identify the true Biblical Pharaohs of Joseph, Moses and the Exodus, all in the twelfth dynasty of Egypt. Furthermore, the ten plagues of Egypt and the exodus of the Israelite slaves are recorded in a late twelfth-dynasty document that also describes the drowning of the last male Pharaoh of the twelfth dynasty and his army "by pouring water." However, carbon-14 dating and new astronomical dating prove that the twelfth dynasty should be redated 300 years later in confirmation of the Bible dates. Dr. Thomas Langford, Dean Emeritus of the Graduate School of Texas Tech University says, "This book offers a remarkable tour through ancient Egyptian and Biblical history . . . and presents striking evidence for the Bible's accuracy." Dr. Truman Scott, Dean of Sunset International Bible Institute, evaluated this book as "a historical masterpiece that will surpass in importance the discovery of the Dead Sea Scrolls."

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