Early Times


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Author  Suzanne Strauss Art
Publisher  Pemblewick Press
Publication Date   June 20, 2002
ISBN  0971850704
Pages  208

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This is the second in a series of books about the history of China geared for middle school students (ages 10-14). The first chapter is a comprehensive overview of ancient Chinese history from Neolithic times through the Tang Dynasty. The succeeding chapters focus upon each of China's last four dynasties - the Song, the Yuan, the Ming, and the Qing. Emphasis is placed upon the role played by particular outstanding individuals - emperors, philosophers, poets, artists, statesmen, and generals - and the ways in which they influenced and reflected the times in which they lived. Each chapter concludes with review questions and suggestions for enrichment activities. Included are maps, timelines, a glossary, and a detailed bibliography.

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