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Author  First Last
Publisher  Glitter Books
Publication Date   February 25, 2015
ISBN  0971457816
Pages  100

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This work is a new edition of a recent classic. Caligula was the most notorious of the Roman Emperors, who seduced his own sister, installed a horse in the Roman Senate, turned his palace into a brothel, married a prostitute, tortured and killed innocent citizens on a whim, and committed countless other acts of madness, cruelty and deviancy. Award-winning writers, Stephen Barber and Jeremy Reed document in full the atrocities of Caligula and also the other mad Emperors, particularly the deranged Commodus and Heliogabalus, the teenage ambisexual "sun-god" whose arch-decadent proclivities would inspire Antonin Artaud to eulogise him in prose centuries later. Also included is a bloody history of Gladiators and the Roman Arena, the depraved circus where Christians, freaks and criminals were butchered by the thousand. "Caligula: Divine Carnage" is a shocking catalogue of incest, transvestism, torture, slaughter and perversity brought to life by Barber and Reed's superb authorial skill, making it an essential and eloquent document of murderous decadence. First published in 2001, "Caligua: Divine Carnage" sold over 10,000 copies in its first year of publication alone and has remained a steady seller.

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