The Living Maya ´eqchi´ of the Toledo District...


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Author  Anne-Michelle Marsden
Publisher  MayaViewkeeper
Publication Date   July 25, 2001
ISBN  0971235406
Pages  543


The Living Maya is a multi-media examination of the Mopan and Q’eqchi’ Maya of the remote Toledo District in Belize, Central America. The documentary addresses family life across gender and intergenerational lines, community development and action, land use and tenure, education, health, religious and spiritual practices, cultural events and traditions, indigenous language, folklore, and attire. A historical perspective dating back over 70 years is available in each chapter, and through oral histories of village elders. Can be used in IBM compatible computers. (Over 500 pages of text, 1,100 pictures, 26 videos, 2 audio language samples, and a click and play overview)

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