The Archeology Bible


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Author  William H. Stephens
Publisher  Authors Book Nook
Publication Date   January 1, 2006
ISBN  0970107668
Pages  614

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THE ARCHEOLOGY BIBLE: HARMONY OF THE GOSPELS, in CD-ROM format, contains over 1300 photos of artifacts and biblical sites that illustrate and clarify the biblical text. Photos are placed near the text (KJV) to which they relate. Artifacts shown are from 53 museums in 14 countries, plus 360 biblical sites* that illustrate the life of Christ. The CD opens with Acrobat Reader, which allows photos to be copied for use with PowerPoint and other programs. In Harmony of the Four Gospels CD edition, the parallel texts of Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John are arranged in side-by-side columns on the same page and present the life of Christ chronologically. This edition has fewer total photos than The Four Gospels but the same number of original photos. With the Gospels together in columns, there is less repeating of photos.

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