Monastic Estates in Late Antique and Early Islamic...

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Author  Anne Boud'hors
Publisher  American Society Papyrologists
Publication Date   August 1, 2008
ISBN  0970059183
Pages  285

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Scholars and colleagues of Sarah Clackson honored her memory through a two-day symposium, "The Administration of Monastic Estates in Late Antique and Early Islamic Egypt," held at Christ Church, Oxford, 25-26 September 2004. This rich and varied volume presents the papers given at that symposium, plus four additional ones. The foreword presents a complete bibliography for Sarah Clackson and an essay examining her formative role in Coptic Studies up to the time of her premature death. The contributions consist of editions of previously unpublished ostraca and papyri, or of revised and expanded editions of previously published items (O.Clackson 1-34 and P.Clackson 35-50), and nine essays addressing socio-economic and religious issues that impacted the monastic communities of Egypt during Late Antiquity and the Early Islamic period. The volume concludes with the requisite indices: for the ostraca and papyri, indices nominum, rerum, et verborum, and a general index of topics for the commentaries on documents and the essays. Black-and-white images are provided for the ostraca and papyri.

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