Aztec Calendar Handbook


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Author  Randall C. Jimenez
Publisher  Historical Science Publishing
Publication Date   May 5, 2001
ISBN  0966116313
Pages  100

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New Book bridges Ancient Wisdom with Modern Technology!

Dr. Randall C. Jimenez, a San Jose State University educator, and Richard B. Graeber, an engineering documentation specialist, have collaborated to bring the first Technical Manual for the Aztec Calendar ever produced. The book was created to address a lack of clear, concise information regarding this ancient native artifact and to correct inaccuracies as taught in history classes across the U.S. today. By using concise documentation techniques, over 240 sources were compressed into a 100-page book, which includes 150 technical drawings, 230 word native glossary, timeline and a 12-page bibliography.

This unique book entitled Aztec Calendar Handbook, on the surface appears to be about the Sun Stone, but in reality is about of Native American history. Chapters include; the History of the Aztec Calendar, Native American Time-keeping, Keepers of Time, Founding of Tenochtitlan and the Legend of Quetzalcoatl. It is designed as an accessible authority on the Aztec Calendar and the people that had such a profound effect on the shaping of modern America.

By looking at myths, legends & history with an Aztec's perception of God, this new Manual provides needed answers to many important questions.

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