The Aztec Virgin


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Author  John Mini
Publisher  Trans-Hyperborean Institute
Publication Date   September 27, 2000
ISBN  0965782506
Pages  347

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After nearly 500 years of silence, here’s the real story of the Virgin of Guadalupe...

The Aztec Virgin is the incredible tale of an Aztec man who led a spiritual movement to save the faith and culture of his people in the most dangerous of times.

The Sacred Image of the Virgin is really a mystical Aztec codex. It reveals the Path of the Mystical Guadalupans, an entire system of self-development that ranges from ancient Toltec dreaming practices, to sexual alchemy, to keys to understanding the final decree of the last Aztec Emperor.

By reading The Aztec Virgin you can learn about the origins and divine intentions of the Virgin of Guadalupe and her relationship with the birth of the next Solar Age, the Sun of Flowers. Discover how you can be a part of this treasure that lives in the hearts of millions of awakening souls everywhere...

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