Ancient Scale Weights and Pre Coinage Currency...


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Author  David Hendin
Publisher  Amphora
Publication Date   April 5, 2007
ISBN  0965402940
Pages  240

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More than 450 ancient weights and pieces of pre-coinage currency have been cataloged and described by this author of bestselling books on ancient Biblical and Judean cocins. No collection of ancient weights of this breadth and depth has ever been published in a single volume. It contains more than 100 pages of explanatory text about weights and pre-coinage currency plus the fully illustrated catalog. Hendin consolidates a great deal of relevant scholarship, with extensive references, and places it in a context most useful to non-specialists. This book is an essential reference for curators, field archaeologists, collectors, biblical historians, and others who would like to understand the evolution and use of pre-coinage currency and ancient scale weights of the Near East.

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