Hands-On Ancient People, Volume 1


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Author  Yvonne Y. Merrill
Publisher  Kits Publishing
Publication Date   January 1, 2003
ISBN  0964317788
Pages  88

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This beautifully illustrated book features art activities based on museum collections of Mesopotamian, Egyptian, and Islamic culture, with early architectural and design styles adapted to paper, commercial tiles, and other materials. Good-luck charms, calligraphy, and traditional containers augment the simplified but authentic motifs found throughout the Moslem world. Children use paper, markers, and glue to reproduce the brilliant mosaic work of the Babylonians. They learn to create a wheel, board games, the ziggurat, and other objects pioneered in the ancient world. Full page color photographs, inviting illustrations, a history of each artifact, and stories, bring long vanished cultures to life.

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