Fragments of a Shattered Visage


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Author  Rita E. Freed
Publisher  University of Memphis
Publication Date   December 31, 1993
ISBN  0963681605
Pages  270

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Papers from a symposium held at Memphis State University in April 1987. Contents: Graeco-Roman Uses and Abuses of Ramesside Traditions (Robert S. Bianchi); Elements of Stability and Instability in Ramesside Egypt: The Succession to the Throne (M.L. Bierbrier); Ramesses - Re Who Creates the God (M. Eaton-Krauss); Latest Excavations in Memphis: Progress Report (G.A. Gaballa); The Blessing of Ptah (Ogden Goelet, Jr); Ramesses II - Appearance and Reality (T.G.H. James); Royal Painters: Deir El-Medina in Dynasty XIX (C.A. Keller); Towards a Reconstruction of Ramesside Memphis (Kenneth A. Kitchen); Relations Between Ihnasya and Memphis During the Ramesside Period (Gamal Mokhtar); Ramesside Traditions in the Arts of the Third Intermediate Period (Karol Mysliwiec); Abou Simbel, Ramses, et les dames de la couronne (Ch. Desroches Noblecourt); Mirror of the Cosmos: The Palace of Merenptah (David O'Connor); Recent Work at Northern Piramesse: Results of Excavations by the Pelizaeus-Museum, Hildesheim, at Qantir (Edgar B. Pusch); Ramesses II as Mediator (Ali Radwan); The Statues of King Merenptah (Hourig Sourouzian); The Mortuary Temple of Seti I at Gurna: Excavation and Restoration (Rainer Stadelmann).

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