A Practical Guide to Irish Spirituality

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Author  Lora O'Brien
Publisher  Wolfpack Publishers
Publication Date   November 29, 2012
ISBN  095749940X
Pages  258

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This book is about change, growth, learning, and connection. It is conversational, and informal, and a little bit fun to read. It is about looking at things around you – past, present, and future – and asking the important questions. Perhaps the only really important question: Why? This is a book for all of us who are looking, searching for a way to plant our feet firmly on Irish ground, and take responsibility for what we are doing here, for our place in the big picture that is Ireland today. You don’t have to be Pagan, or New Age, or Magical, or Spiritual, to read this book. You don’t even have to be Irish. To get the full benefit, you do have to be open minded, willing to learn something about yourself, about Ireland, and maybe even about your place in this land. This is also a practical guide and a work book, and that is important to understand before you buy. There are more questions within these pages than there are definitive answers. Understand that this work is up to you, and nobody else will take responsibility for the work you need to be doing. There is genuine guidance though, some funny bits, and more than a couple of pokes and prods to help you on your way. Written by a woman of this land, called Witch by some, Druid by others, and Bean Draoí by herself, when she has to go by something other than “that O’Brien one”. Sharing experience and knowledge, and suggestions for how you might get to where you need to be – examining how things used to be done here, and what can be useful and relevant to us as we bring ourselves forward through our Irish Spirituality.

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