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Author  Robert Montgomerie
Publisher  Markoulakis Publications
Publication Date   April 25, 2008
ISBN  0955747414
Pages  229


Helot is the life story of a member of the down-trodden slave population of Sparta in the years from c 530-480 BC. He becomes the personal slave to kings, first Cleomenes, who clashed with the cities of Athens and Argos, then Leonidas, commander of the 300 Spartans who died gloriously at Thermopylae. The helot becomes deeply involved in the plots and counter-plots of the Spartan royal houses, and is given as his partner an Egyptian girl who had, before she was sold into slavery, been a servant to the Persian princess Atossa, wife-to-be of King Darius and mother of King Xerxes, the two kings who strove to add Greece to the Persian empire. The helot is an eye-witness at the battles of Marathon, Thermopylae and finally Salamis, where he is used to carry messages to the Persian king and an exiled king of Sparta.The basis of the story is to be found in the 'Histories of Herodotus'. It has been carefully researched and sticks closely to what is generally accepted as the course of events at that period.

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