Gerzeh, a Cemetery Shortly before History...

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Author  Alice Stevenson
Publisher  Golden House Publications
Publication Date   December 31, 2006
ISBN  0955025656
Pages  73

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This booklet provides an introduction to one predynastic Egyptian cemetery excavated in the early 20th century. The Predynastic is, to many people, one of the more unfamiliar periods in ancient Egyptian history and this short overview aims to introduce some elements of the burial practices of the Predynastic. Whilst this period can be characterised by certain common themes it is also clear that there were regional trends. By looking at a single site it is possible to begin to appreciate local diversity and this can add richness to our perception of the period which may otherwise be lost in broader accounts. Such variability can be seen in the different burial forms, body treatments and materials that were invested in the graves at the site of el-Gerzeh. Much of the material on which this book is based derives from the unpublished notes made by the excavator of the site.

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