Forgotten History of the Western People

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Author  Mike Gascoigne
Publisher  Anno Mundi Books
Publication Date   October 24, 2002
ISBN  0954392205
Pages  256

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This book examines some of the very earliest histories, beginning with the Babylonian ten kings before the flood, the story of Gilgamesh, and the foundation of Troy. The claims of the Greek philosopher Euhemerus are considered, that all the gods were deified kings. The story continues with the destruction of Troy, the flight of Aeneas to Italy and the arrival of his great-grandson Brutus in Britain. The early Irish and Scottish histories are also considered, together with the arrival of Christianity in these islands during the first century and the building of the first church at Glastonbury. Finally, all the histories agree that, just as the world had a beginning, so also it will have an end. The Chapters are: 1. Creation and the Flood. 2. The Early Post-Flood World. 3. Dubious Histories. 4. From Dardanus to the Welsh Kings. 5. Anglo-Saxon Genealogies. 6. History of Ireland and Scotland. 7. Early Christianity in the British Isles. 8. The End of the World. ix + 245 pages, including 314 footnotes, Bibliography with 87 references, and Index. Mike Gascoigne is a freelance technical author with a background in chemical engineering. He dumped history at the age of 14 because he thought it was boring, but took it up again later in life when he realised that it all started somewhere and we didn't just emerge from an amorphous stone age, bronze age and iron age. Mike Gascoigne, BSc, MS, CEng, MIChemE, MISTC.

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