The Antonine Wall


The Antonine Wall: Rome's Northern Frontier

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Author  G. Bailey
Publisher  Falkirk
Publication Date   December 31, 2003
ISBN  0954045327
Pages  36

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The insecurity created after Hadrian's death and Antonius Pius' need to prove his worth and consolidate his position in Britain led to a renewed attack on Scotland and to the construction of a second wall defending the Roman empire from the northern barbarians. This colourful book traces the history of the Antonine Wall, its construction, its major components including forts, fortlets, stores, barracks, and the supply route that served it, through to its decline and abandonment. This principally turf wall, begun around AD 142, is shown here in a number of reconstruction drawings, maps, plans and is described in a series of extracts from ancient authors. A guide to some of the main sites located on or near the wall in the Flakirk area is given at the end.

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