Excavations at Tell Brak 1


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Publisher  British School of Archaeology in Iraq/McDonald Institute for Archaeological Research
Publication Date   November 1, 1998
ISBN  0951942050
Pages  296

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The first of three volumes on the 1976-1993 excavations at Tell Brak in northeast Syria. Identified as ancient Nagar/ Nawar, it is one of the largest sites in northern Mesopotamia. The second millennium BC material is published in full in this first volume, including a detailed account of the monumental Palace and Temple of Mitanni date (Late Bronze Age) and a sequence of second-millennium domestic occupation dating from c.1700-1200 BC. Includes unique evidence for craft activities from palace workrooms and official cuneiform tablets. The 3rd-millennium BC material will be published in Volume 2, and Volume 3 will cover the Uruk and Ubaid periods.

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