The Archaeology of Greek Colonisation

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Author  Gocha R. Tsetskhladze
Publisher  Oxford University School of Archaeology
Publication Date   April 20, 2004
ISBN  0947816615
Pages  160

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This collection of eight essays on the archaeology of Greek colonisation, dedicated to Sir John Boardman on the occasion of his retirement, has now been reprinted in paperback. Greek colonisation continues to be a much debated topic among ancient historians and archaeologists of the Mediterranean region. These classic essays focus on archaeological research, but they consider themes relevant to archaeologists and historians alike, including: the motivation for colonisation, identity, and social integration; technology and trade; collaboration, competition and conflict. First published in 1994, the new edition includes a new preface and corrections. Contributors: A M Snodgrass, M R Popham, D Ridgway, J N Coldstream, B B Shefton, F De Angelis, G R Tsetskhladze, and J Boardman.

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