Megara Hyblaia and Selinous

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Author  Franco De Angelis
Publisher  Oxford University School of Archaeology
Publication Date   February 15, 2004
ISBN  0947816569
Pages  310

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The Greeks founded a number of settlements outside of mainland Greece, most of which closely mirrored, and were partly dependent on, those of the homeland. This study focuses on two settlements, Megara Hyblaia and Selinous, established in Italy by the Greeks during the late 8th and mid-7th centuries BC. The paucity of literary sources for this period makes the archaeological record crucial and Franco de Angelis makes use of both sets of evidence in reconstructing a history of these two settlements. He goes on to explore the existing environment and political setting that the Greeks encountered when they arrived, the development of the settlements themselves and their influence, the nature of society, the economy and political life. Throughout, an emphasis is placed on the individual nature of the settlements, based on the particular circumstances that existed in Sicily.

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