The Archaeology of Greek Colonisation


The Archaeology of Greek Colonisation (None)

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Author  Franco De Angelis
Publisher  Oxford University School of Archaeology
Publication Date   December 31, 1994
ISBN  0947816402
Pages  149

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Every year archaeological research is producing new evidence for the study of Greek colonisation. The eight essays in this collection dedicated to Sir John Boardman provide an up-to-date survey of these new discoveries. They introduce new approaches to handling both the old and new data, pointing out at the same time the gaps and possible future directions for the study of Greek colonisation from the archaeological viewpoint. Contributors include A M Snodgrass (The growth and standing of the early Western colonies), M R Popham (Early Greek contact with the East), D Ridgway (Phoenicians and Greeks in the West), J N Coldstream (Pithekoussai, Kyme and central Italy), B. Shefton (Massalia and colonisation in the north-western Mediterranean), F. De Angelis (The foundation of Selinous: Overpopulation or opportunities?), G. Tsetskhladze (Greek penetration of the Black Sea), John Boardman (Settlement for trade and land in North Africa).

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