Settlement and Economy in Italy, 1500 BC...

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Publisher  Oxbow Books
Publication Date   December 1, 1995
ISBN  0946897891
Pages  625

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The fifth conference of Italian archaeologists attracted a large number of scholars to Oxford in December 1992. Seventy people presented papers or posters describing the results of recent excavations and fieldwork, and most of them are published here. The papers have been grouped thematically, as follows: Field Surveys - Methodologies and Results: eight papers on survey methods, landscape archaeology and surveys of the Po Plain and Rome's coastal zone. Religion and Ritual - including Ruth Whitehouse on ritual and social organisation in pre- and proto-historic Italy, M Maaskant-Kleibrink on early Latin cult practices at a 9th to 5th centurty BC site, E Herring "the use of matt-painted pottery in the native tombs of the Salento peninsula in the 5th and 4th centuries BC. and articles by Laura Domanico, Massimo Cardosa, Maria Ausilia Fadda, Giuseppina Ghini and Monica G Sorti. Settlement and Economy - J W Bouma et al on the economy of the settlement at Borgo Le Ferriere 800-200 BC.and Jacopo De Grossi Mazzorin, Mario Asole, Alba Foschi &Francesco Nieddu, Giovanna Alvino & Simonetta Menchelli, Stefania Fidanza. Settlement and Society - Neil Christie "Late antique cavemen in northern and central Italy and by L Arancio et al., Domenico marino and Silvia Festuccia, Alessandro Usai, Wolf-Rudiger Teegen, Marshall Becker, Enrico Benelli, Ida Caruso, Gianfranco Gazzetti, Umberto Moscatelli, Andrea Staffa, G de Benedittis. New Research in South Etruria -A M B Sestieri "The role of interregional contact in the development of Latial society in the Early Iron Age" and articles by V D'Ercole & F Trucco, Anna De Santis, Vincenzo Antonelli, G Cifani & B Vitali Rosati, Rita Turchetti & Fabio Bartolini, L Caretta et al, C Edwards et al, L De Maria et al. Urbanism - Rome, the Palatine, Mediolanm, Statonia, the Ager Gallicas and Picenus, Abruzzi (P Pensabene et al, Anna Ceresa mori, Gilda Bartolini, Mario Luni, Adele Campanelli, Francesca Bosman). Technology and Trade - Janet DeLaine "The supply of building materials to the city of Rome", and Enrico Pellegrini, M Miari, Albert Nijboer, Andrea Zifferero, Sergio Fontana, Gina Martella, Oliva Menozzi, L Maffeis & M M Negro Ponzi Mancini, Lucia Travaini.

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