The Accomplished Art


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Author  George Eogan
Publisher  Oxbow Books
Publication Date   December 31, 1995
ISBN  0946897727
Pages  150

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Around 1,500 gold objects from the British and Irish Bronze Age survive in collections today. Often accomplished and outstanding works of art and craft in their own right, they are vital documents aiding our understanding, not only of the work of craftsmen and technicians but also of the broader aspects of society such as social stratification, trade, commerce, and ritual. After examining the natural and historical setting of British and Irish gold, Eogan looks at gold-working during the four main periods during the Bronze Age: Beaker societies and the earliest insular gold objects; gold-working in an age of industrial expansion and wealth; cultural transformation of the 13th-12th centuries BC; Final Late Bronze Age gold, apogee and end.

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