Climbing the Pyramid


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Author  Victoria Thomas
Publisher  Zone 913 Pr Inc
Publication Date   December 12, 1999
ISBN  0943289025
Pages  166

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The mighty, mysterious Chichen Itza pyramid has a profound effect on everyone who visits, and Climbing the Pyramid gives excellent insight into why people love it and revere it.

The great seers and astronomers who built this mountain constructed it as a portal between time and no-time. Using stone as their "hardware," the Itza programmed their pyramid to display the "serpent descending" on March 21, reflecting the relationship of the earth and its people to the sun and stars. This is where the shamans offered their blood to manifest the gods and ancestors as the Vision Serpent, and now even its most casual climber stands where the earth meets the cosmos.

Upon climbing the pyramid, the author and photographer pondered its powerful effect, and have put their insights into its mystery and history in Climbing the Pyramid. In this charming, personal, documentary-style account of the site, they present information on the meaning of the pyramid according to Maya shamans and archeologists; the Maya calendar; Maya prophecies; Maya history; and the pyramid's spring equinox phenomenon on March 21. Plus, 135 stunning, B&W, documentary photos virtually place you on the pyramid.

In addition, one chapter, "Tao of Up," considers climbing the pyramid as a spiritual journey with wisdom that can be used in everyday life.

If you're a traveler going to the Chichen Itza pyramid, you'll want this excellent guide. If you've already experienced the pyramid's power, you'll treasure this unique memento of your journey.

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