Proceedings of the Thirteenth Annual UCLA Indo-European...


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Publisher  Institute for the Study of Man
Publication Date   September 22, 2017
ISBN  0941694852
Pages  191


Introduction; Language Abbreviations; MIGRATION AND LANGUAGE CONTACT: J.P. Mallory: Indo-Europeans and the Steppelands: The Model of Language Shift; Petri Kallio: Prehistoric Contacts between Indo-European and Uralic; IDEOLOGY AND MYTHOLOGY: Paul-Louis van Berg and Marc Vander Linden: Ctesias' Assyriaka: Indo-European and Mesopotamian Royal Ideologies; Edwin D. Floyd: Who Killed Patroklos? Expressing the Inexpressible through an Inherited Formula; Arwen Lee Hogan: The Modesty of Odysseus; Dean Miller: Theseus and the Fourth Function; LANGUAGE: TYPOLOGY, ETYMOLOGY AND GRAMMATOLOGY: Andrii Danylenko: The East Slavic 'HAVE': Revising a Developmental Scenario; Anatoly Liberman: English Ivy and German Epheu in Their Germanic and Indo-European Context; Paul B. Harvey, Jr. and Philip H. Baldi: Populus: A Reevaluation.

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