Before Alexander


Before Alexander: Constructing Early Macedonia

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Author  Eugene N. Borza
Publisher  Regina Books
Publication Date   December 31, 1999
ISBN  0941690962
Pages  89

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A broad survey of Philip II and Macedonia which discusses recent trends in scholarship, including recent archaeological developments. The first section assesses historical sources and modern interpretative texts, including Herodotus' account. In the absence of contemporary Macedonian sources, Borza examines modern efforts to establish chronologies of kings and events from other evidence. The second section asks who the Macedonians were and when did they become Greek. This comprises an overview of late Bronze Age culture drawn from material from over 50 archaeological sites. The third part assesses recent studies of Philip II which coincided with the discovery of the Macedonian royal cemetery at Vergina. A fascinating discussion of the debate surrounding the identities of the royal burials and a look ahead to future research concludes this slim volume which will provide food for thought for ancient historians and general readers alike.

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