Master Tong's Acupuncture


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Publisher  Blue Poppy Pr
Publication Date   October 1, 1992
ISBN  0936185376
Pages  240

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This book is an introduction to the Tong family style of non-channel acupuncture. This system is believed to predate the Nei Jing (Inner Classic) and was kept alive over the centuries in Shandong Province. When Dr. Tong was forced to move to Taiwan in 1949, he decided to break with family tradition and openly publish what had been till then jealously guarded family secrets. This clinically efficacious system is based on the use of 23 points per treatment. It contains the locations, indications, and needling instructions of this system's unique repertoire of points with extensive commentary and case histories on their use by the famous contemporary Californian acupuncturist, Miriam Lee. Lee has been using this system with excellent results for more than three decades.

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