Studies in Philology in Honour of Ronald James...

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Author  Gerald E. Kadish
Publisher  Benben Publications
Publication Date   June 1, 1982
ISBN  092016806X
Pages  156

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This collection of writings focus on Hebrew, ancient Near Eastern and Egyptian linguistics. Contributions: A 14th Century Polyglot Psalter (Sebastian Brock); Reflections on some obscure Hebrew words in the Biblical Job (EC Clarke); Some notes on the Ugaritic counterpart of the Arabic ghain (J A Emerton); The blunders of an inept scribe (Demotic papyrus Louvre 2414) (George R Hughes); God, Fate and Free Will in Egyptian Wisdom Literature (Frank T Miosi); Cephalon, A New Coptic Martyr (Albert Pietersma and Susan T Comstock); An offering inscription from the 2nd Pylon at Karnak (Donald Redford); A New Kingdom relief of a Harper and his Song (William Kelly Simpson); The textual affinities of the Corrector(s) of B in numbers (John Wm Weevers).

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