The Fables of Marie De France (Book published December 12, 1984


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Author  Mary Lou Martin
Publisher  Summa Pubns
Publication Date   December 12, 1984
ISBN  0917786343
Pages  259

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The 'Fables' of Marie de France, written in octosyllabic French verse near the end of the 12th century, constitute an essential part of the work of this important medieval author. Here they are presented for the first time in English translation, together with the Old French original text on facing pages. Preceding the prose translation of the 102 fables is a critical and historical overview in which the 'Fables' are considered in their relationship to the 'Lais' and the 'Espurgatoire seint Patriz,' to the Aesopic tradition, to their contemporary social context, and finally to folklore and the oral tradition.

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