Studies in Greek Numismatics in Memory of Martin...

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Author  S. Hurter
Publisher  Spink & Son Ltd
Publication Date   December 1, 1998
ISBN  0907605958
Pages  400

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This large volume comprises forty-two essays written in honour of the late Martin Jessop Price, a leading authority on Greek
coinage, and an active member of the Royal Numismatic Society
and the British Academy's Sylloge Nummorum Graecorum project.
The essays cover a broad range of subjects and issues including
coins from Phrygia, Pergamon, Samos, Athens, Syracuse, Lydia,
Cyprus, the Black Sea and Poseidonia-Paestum, addressing
questions of history, iconography, subject matter, links to
political and social change and economic values. Contributors
include: John Barron, Andrew Burnett, Nicholas Hardwick, Ann
Johnston, Georges Le Rider, John Morcom, N K Rutter, Jeffrey
Spier and Ute Wartenberg . Includes a bibliography of Martin
Jessop Price. Essays in English and French.

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