Early Edom and Moab

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Author  Piotr Bienkowski
Publisher  Equinox Publishing
Publication Date   December 31, 1992
ISBN  0906090458
Pages  202

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New evidence and research has challenged old assumptions for the early Iron Age kingdoms of Edom and Moab in southern Jordan; the sixteen essays in this volume focus on the archaeological, textual and literary sources for this region between the thirteenth and seventh centuries BC, and constitute an up-to-date summary of present knowledge. Contributors include: J R Bartlett (Biblical sources for the early Iron Age in Edom) ; K A Kitchen (Egyptian evidence on early Jordan) ; A Millard (Assyrian involvement in Edom) ; P J Parr (Edom and the Hejaz) ; G L Mattingly (Moabite origins) ; J A Dearman (settlement patterns in Iron Age Moab) ; J M Miller (early monarchy in Moab) ; S Hart (Iron Age settlement in Edom) ; J P Zeitler (`Edomite' pottery from the Petra region) .

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