Sparta in Laconia


Sparta in Laconia

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Author  W. G. Cavanagh
Publisher  British School at Athens
Publication Date   November 1, 1999
ISBN  0904887367
Pages  160

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Collection of 15 papers by outstanding scholars covering the art, archaeology and history of Sparta and Laconia from the prehistoric to the Byzantine period. Taken from the XIXth Classical Colloquium held at the British Museum, 6-8 Dec 1995. The papers bring together evidence and methodology on recording, research and understanding the heritage of the area. Contributions include: The work of the BSA in Sparta and Laconia (H W Catling); Pellana: the administrative centre of prehistoric Laconia (Th. G Spyropoulos); City and Chora in Sparta: Archaic to Hellenistic (P Cartledge); Spartan Art: its many different deaths (R Fortsch); Patterns of bronze dedications at Spartan sanctuaries c. 650-350 BC (S Hodkinson); Exceptional shapes and decorations in Laconian pottery (C M Stibbe); Dances, drinks and dedications: the Archaic kosmos in Laconia (T J Smith); Archaic Laconian vase-painting (M Pipili); The ancient Theatre at Sparta (G B Waywell, J J Wilkes and S E C Walker); Roman Mosaics from Sparta (A Panayopoulou); A Roman portrait of the early 2nd Century AD from Monemvasia (A V Karapanayiotou-Oikonomopoulou); New finds from Sparta (S Raftopoulou); Diversity in a Greek landscape: the Laconia survey and Rural Sites Project (C B Mee and W G Cavanagh); Geoarchaeological studies of the Spartan acropolis and Evrotas valley (K Wilkinson); Byzantine Mystra- Sparta in the mind (D Nicol)

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