Knossos North Cemetery

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Author  J. N. Coldstream
Publisher  British School at Athens
Publication Date   December 31, 1996
ISBN  0904887162
Pages  1541

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A huge four volume work that documents and discusses the excavations that took place between 1967 and 1979 of more than a hundred Early Iron Age tombs from the cemetery one kilometre north of the palace of Knossos. The tombs had rich contents; decorated pottery, iron weapons, bronze vessels and ornaments, and luxury objects of gold, ivory and faience provide an uninterrupted sequence of evidence from c. 1050-630 BC. Volume one documents the tombs themselves and catalogues their finds. Volume two discusses the many different types of pottery found, including orientalising pottery and the many imports-Attic, Corinthian, Euboean, East Greek and Phoenician among them. Also discussed are the objects including terracotta and textile remains, and the burials; the subminoan phase, burial customs and human and animal bones. Emphasis is placed on the role of Knossos in maintaining links with neighbouring regions-with Italy, Cyprus and Phoenicia, the Cyclades and Euboea and, above all, Athens. Volume three contains the figures and a plan of the cemetery and volume four contains the plates.

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