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Publisher  British School at Athens
Publication Date   December 31, 1992
ISBN  0904887081
Pages  498

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This second volume reporting on the excavations at the site of the `Unexplored Mansion' describes all the structures and finds that are later than Minoan. The substantial deposits that range between Minoan and Hellenistic are mainly pits, wells and wash levels with little remaining of the buildings with which they were associated; for the Hellenistic and Roman periods, until the third century AD, there are substantial remains of a succession of buildings. These provide a context for the large quantity of finds whose description takes up the bulk of the report. Pottery: sub-Minoan (M R Popham), early Hellenic (J N Coldstream), Archaic to Hellenistic (P J Callaghan), Roman pottery, amphorae and sigillata stamps (L H Sackett); lamps (H W & E A Catling); coins (M J Price); plaster sculptures (G B Waywell); terracottas (R A Higgins); metal objects (K Branigan); bone objects (L H Sackett); glass vessels (J Price). The enormous number of drawings and photos supporting the description of these finds will ensure that this becomes a valuable work of reference.

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