Veii. The Historical Topography of the Ancient...

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Publisher  British School at Rome
Publication Date   February 21, 2013
ISBN  0904152634
Pages  432

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During the nineteenth century, antiquarians such as William Gell and George Dennis visited the ancient city of Veii, some 15 km north of Rome, and noted the rapid destruction of its archaeology. The city continued under to be under threat, and in the 1950s was the subject of ground-breaking survey and excavation by John Ward-Perkins. However, the results of his fieldwork were never published fully. Knowledge and understanding of material culture (especially pottery, votive objects and architectural terracottas) has increased dramatically over the past fifty years, so allowing the authors to reveal the full potential of the data. This publication reaffirms many of Ward-Perkins's original insights, and contextualizes his research within the new discoveries of the past fifty years; whilst an important contribution to our knowledge, it is also a spur to further work.

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