Crossroads and Boundaries

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Publisher  American Schools of Oriental Research
Publication Date   June 30, 2012
ISBN  0897570863
Pages  400

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Since 1990, the Athienou Archaeological Project (AAP) has investigated the Malloura valley on the edge of the central Mesaoria plain near the modern town of Athienou, Cyprus. Excavations have concentrated on the Archaic-to-Roman sanctuary and the adjacent settlement and cemeteries at the ancient site of Malloura. Survey in the Malloura valley has revealed other sites ranging from Aceramic Neolithic through Cypro-Classical, Roman and Late Medieval up to hamlets abandoned only in the 20th century. This research has focused on how successive rural populations in the Malloura valley have adapted to local environmental changes and shifting political tides in the region, and how this adaptation is reflected in the archaeological, historical, and ethnographic record recovered by the project and reported in this volume.

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