Texts from the Late Old Babylonian Period...

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Author  Seth F.C. Richardson
Publisher  ASOR
Publication Date   March 31, 2011
ISBN  0897570847
Pages  232

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This volume publishes and discusses 186 cuneiform documents from the Late Old Babylonian period (1683-1595 B.C.), including 95 hand copies, mostly from Sippar texts in British Museum collections. The Late O.B. epoch marks the last of five centuries of uninterrupted textual production in lower Mesopotamia. This selection of texts focuses mostly on less well-known text types of the time, reflecting innovations in documentary practices - some isolated to the period, others precursive to the Kassite period. In extensive notes, the reader will find discussions of provisioning systems, chronology, terminologies, land redistribution, and ritual and military economies, in addition to the expected apparatus of indexes, concordances, and catalogs.

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