The Archaeological History of the Southern Levant...

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Author  David Hopkins
Publisher  American Schools of Oriental Research
Publication Date   December 31, 2005
ISBN  0897570634
Pages  624

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Fourteen articles by some of the world's most reknowned archaeologists reconstruct the history of the Holy Land through the lens of a century of archaeological exploration in the region. Contents: Triumphs of Architecture, Agriculture and Art: The Neolithic Period (E. B. Banning); The Emergence of Social Inequality: The Chalcolithic Period (Thomas E. Levy); The Rise and Collapse of Urbanism: The Early Bronze Age (Suzanne Richard); The Zenith of the Urban Canaanite Era: The Middle Bronze Age (William G. Dever); The Late Bronze Age (Albert Leonard, Jr. and Eric H. Cline); A Landscape Comes to Life: The Iron I Period (Elizabeth Bloch-Smith and Beth Alpert-Nakhai); Emerging Nations: The Iron Age II Period (Larry G. Herr); The Persian Period (John Betlyon); Between Large Forces: The Hellenistic Period (Andrea M. Berlin); The Roman Period (Mark Chancey and Adam Porter); An Empire's New Holy Land: The Byzantine Period (S. Thomas Parker); Luxurious Legacy: The Early Islamic Period (Robert Schick); A Unique Medieval Society Emerges: The Frankish Period (Adrian J. Boas); Militarization to Nomadization: The Middle and Late Islamic Periods (Bethany J. Walker). David Hopkins is Professor of Professor of Archaeology and Biblical Interpretation at Wesley Theological Seminary in Washington, DC.

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