The Babylonian Entitlement Narus


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Author  Kathryn Slanski
Publisher  ASOR
Publication Date   March 31, 2003
ISBN  089757060X
Pages  256

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In this investigation into the form, function and historical significance of the Babylonian entitlement narus (steles), the author sheds new light on one of antiquity's most mysterious and elusive classes of artifact. More commonly referred to as kudurrus, these objects first came to the attention of western scholars in 1801 when the explorer Anton Michaux sold a polished black stone that he had discovered near Baghdad to the Bibliotheque National in Paris. In addition to her in-depth study of the setting of these objects and the inscriptions and relief sculptures carved on them, Slanski places the kudurrus squarely within the monumental tradition in Mesopotamia. This volume promises to be a significant contribution for Assyriologists and anyone interested in the history and artistic traditions of ancient Mesopotamia.

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