The Athenian Decadrachm


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Author  Wolfgang Fischer-Bossert
Publisher  American Numismatic Society
Publication Date   December 1, 2008
ISBN  0897223098
Pages  105

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This book represents a huge advance on the previous study of the material, Chester Starr's Athenian coinage, 480-449 B.C. (Oxford, 1970). Fischer Bossert has collected more than three times as many specimens as were known to Starr, and has provided a full account of the known forgeries drawn from the photo-files of major dealers, scholars and Museums. This is an indispensable work for all interested in the coinage and history 5th-century Athens. In addition, its judicious discussion of the history of the forgery of these remarkable coins will make this volume a handbook for all serious collectors of ancient Greek coinage.

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