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Author  William E Metcalf
Publisher  American Numismatic Society
Publication Date   December 31, 1991
ISBN  0897222431
Pages  115

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Shortly after her death, Nancy M. Waggoner's friends, colleagues and students commemorated her at a colloquium on the Greek coins of the fourth century. This book collects the presentations that were given at that colloquium on May 19, 1990. Contents: A Personal Reminiscence by Margaret Thompson, A Fifth-Century Circulation Hoard of Macedonian Tetrobols by Charles A. Hersh, Silver Coins and Public Slaves in the Athenian Law of 375/4 B.C. by Thomas R. Martin, Alexander's Earliest Macedonian Silver by Hyla A. Troxell, Circulation at Babylon in 323 B.C. by Martin J. Price, The Antioch Project by Arthur Houghton, and Arabian Alexanders by Carmen Arnold-Biucchi

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